The History of Løve Socks and Skateboards

In 2009 our founder, Amos Sharp, was in search of a deeper, more spiritual connection in her life. Her love of snowboarding connected a handful of dots, and soon she found herself traveling to Norway, the homeland of some of her ancestors. After spending nearly a month in Oslo, she arrived home with a newfound love of family history, and a much needed sense of belonging. With that passion, she began celebrating her love and connection to Norway through wearing the Norwegian flag on her clothing (and everywhere else she could place it). Her wheels continued to turn as she sought more ways to celebrate the pride she felt for her ancestors, and that is when the lightbulb of creating a sock line illuminated. She knew she wanted to create socks with all of the flags of the world, but she wanted more than that, she wanted a way to wear the faces of her ancestors on her socks in an effort to feel closer to them while celebrating their lives. She wanted the socks to be high quality and durable too, so she could wear them while skateboarding-one of her greatest passions. It took years searching for a way to make the sock line happen, and in December 2018 after a handful of trial and error designs, all of those stars finally aligned and she launched the first Løve sock designs, her great great great great grandparents, Brigham Young and Mary Ann Angell-Young. 

 Amos wants others to feel that sense of love and inclusion too through connecting with their ancestors and their memories. “It’s difficult to describe the closeness and presence you feel to the individual you are wearing on the socks until you experience it for yourself.”

 There is so much wisdom to be obtained through studying the lives of our ancestors. Amos lives with a full heart, feeling truly blessed to have been inspired by her ancestors to create the world’s premier sock and skateboard line promoting family history and genealogy work. She knows firsthand through experience that nothing in this life is more important than finding that deeper connection through heritage and family roots. #familyisforever